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Great GUI, Logic Needs Work

For the price, it is a pretty good game. The GUI is clean, and the highlighting feature makes it very easy to see patterns for a particular number. It is also easy to add and remove pencil marks. The Auto feature only shows you the available numbers for a particular cell, but does not fill in the the pencil marks like other versions do. This could be a plus or a minus depending on your preferences. On the down side, the pencil marks are a bit small, although they are positioned in the cell so that you dont really need to read the number to know what it is. A timer would be handy so that you could see how fast you are going. The biggest problem with this game, however, is that there are often multiple solutions to any particular game. Youll often be in a situation where there is no obvious answer, and will have to guess at a number. Ive found that my guesses are always right, and that theres always two or four open cells at the very end with identical pencil marks. This mars an otherwise fine game.

Solid Offering

The clean interface of Satori Sudoko is a pleasure to work with and the various levels of difficulty will provide challenge to players of all levels. The current version (as of July 16/08) does have a bug where puzzles can occasionally be un-solvable, however this issue has been addressed by the developer and an updated version should be available within days and should not be viewed as a reason to not buy this very reasonably priced application. Recommended for players of all levels.

Not worth the money

Too many bugs. Once you finish a game successfully, the continue button doesnt work, to start a new game, so you have to leave and the restart the app to play another game. Even when all the solutions are correct, it tells you you are wrong and wont continue. And Im pretty good at sudoku, but even the easiest level can be really hard most of the time. Overall, not great, considering I paid for the app.

No Unique Answer

The interface is great, but the fact that theres no unique answer totally ruins the game for me. It totally ruins the fun if I have to randomly guess answers and have them work pretty much every time. All in all, not a great app.

1.1 fix is awesome

well, i have to say i was impressed. took em a bit to get it out to us, but this fixes all the complaints ive seen so far. no more multiple solution puzzles, and they are really nice looking puzzles. better than that free one where the difficulty hadnothing to do with difficulty,but just numbers left to fill in? this is the best sudoku ive tried for iphone (Ive tried 4)

Love the interface

I really like the way this version of Sudoku was designed -- I agree with the multiple solutions gripe which is why I didnt rate it 5 stars, but other than that its very well done.

Problem fixed -- now its really quite nice

Version 1.1 appears to address the problem with puzzles not having a unique solution, which now makes the game very usable. Things I like: - Clear and clean board with very readable digits (the subtle white/gray shading is a nice touch). - Very straightforward interface: single tap a digit to add/remove a "pencil mark:, double-tap to put/remove in the actual value. The "keypad" is always in the same position and doesnt cover the board. So far, the most fluid approach Ive seen to Sudoku input. - Explicit "check this solution" button (I prefer that over the game automatically checking when I enter my last digit, in case I mistype). Things I miss: - A timer. Notable features: - "Auto" mode disables keypad buttons when first-order analysis makes a value invalid. - "Highlight": For a given digit, show all locations that could allow that digit after first-order analysis. All-in-all quite a nice implementation for $1.99. I think it deserves four stars. With an added timer and perhaps a little polish on the non-board part of the interface, I could give it five stars.

Excellent interface

Well done. Larger "pencil mark" numbers are an improvement. This Sudoku is now easier to use, and therefore better, than the one for $7.99.

Nice fix for puzzle generator

The 1.1 fix was exactly what this game needed. It still lacks some features like timed game, but it is now well worth the price.

Best Sudoku out there with the 1.1 update

Bought it initially because of the clean interface, I like the use of one button for making notes and filling in. Also nice because the number pad doesnt cover any part of the board which is nice when you are scanning for your next move. With the 1.1 update puzzles are unique now. Wouldnt mind a timer, but definately the sudoku to buy now.

The best sudoku

This is the best sudoku game out there. The value is fantastic. Easy interface. Just hit a box and then a number and it is penciled in. Double click the number and it is entered into the box as a sure answer.

Game stopped working...

I like the interface and quality of the game but it stopped working after I synchronized my iPhone with my Mac. (now Im on a plane and I cant use it.)


I was very upset that I purchased this item free a few weeks ago and then it asked me to update, so I did and the game just stopped working all together. Now I went to try to re-install on my iphone and they are charging $1.99.

Best Sudoku app!

I picked this one because the design looks the best out all the other sudoku apps. After the latest update, Ive had no problem with the multiple solutions issue, and easy mode seems to be corrected with the right difficulty level (its easy enough for me, as Im fairly new to sudoku). Overall, an awesome app for the price.


I like to play sudoku alot until my sudoku gadget that I got ran out of battery. This is the first and only sudoku app that bought and I love it. Great patch btw.

Pretty good, but......

I like this app but theres just one problem, when you change the difficulty level, it doesnt do anything. Its just as hard, even when you press the "new" button. It would be great if someone would tell me what to do. Have any of you guys seen the dark knight? Yah, that was the best movie Ive ever seen. Peace out.

Much better now

Best sudoku on the iPhone. I gave this four stars earlier despite some problems with the puzzle generator as the developer emailed me that a fix was coming. As of version 1.2 it works perfectly with great symetrical puzzles and an awesome UI.

New Version just came out!

Love the new version, puzzles are much better.. looks pretty and looks like they made the markers a bit bigger. good to see the dev is listeneing to comments. pity all those comments for the old version are still in the store.. they dont really apply anymore. I love that the keypad doesnt cover the board like on some of the other games (how the heck are you supposed to see the board if the keypad is touching it?? those versions are lame) this is very well thought out. To darkest - game difficulty def gets harder when you change it in options. Did you actualy play the game? LOL


I wrote an earlier review panning this app. Now I have to change my tune. It used to be that the puzzles had multiple solutions. Sudokus are only supposed to have one solution. With the recent updates, the author has fixed this. Great application at a great price. No annoying music. No tedious splash screens. Just a nice clean interface, great annotation system, and some useful tools for solving those tough ones. Only things missing are: 1) A book mode, where you can enter Sudokus from another source and 2) A command to clear the puzzle so you can restart it if you screw up.

Not There Yet

In order for a $1.99 app to compete with the free ones out there doing the same thing, it needs to have a little more robust functionality, and this one doesnt quite deliver. For starters, the difficulty ratings are inconsistent and indistinguishable between "normal" and "difficult", and even on the most difficult level, the puzzles are far to easy for the advanced Sudoku puzzler. Users serious enough to pay expect a higher degree of difficulty and to leave the free apps to the ameteurs. This app could also benefit from some simple scoring/timekeeping elements for the competitive player to track their personal bests. An undo button would be nicer than the cheater elements, so you can backtrack to before your mistake was made instead of just cheating to see the answer. Finally, something at the end of a successfully completed puzzle would be nice rather than the bland statement "congratulations, you solved the puzzle." The overall UI is good so I think this one has promise but needs some work on the features.

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